Diving Story

I bought my first freediving masks, bi-fins, a wetsuit and a weight belt when I was 16. I never thought that I would actually fall in love with freediving. Although I have always loved the ocean, freediving was not really on my list of must-try water sports. One of my friends is a freediver and invited me to try freediving. I decided to give it a try to learn more about it and to meet likeminded people as well. The exhilarating feeling of being submerged and taking the first sip of air once you’re back on the surface was something I didn’t forget since then.

The open water course was a little difficult since I had to no idea what to do. I had to learn the basics, but it pushed me to do better and learn more. Although I struggled a bit with the water treading exercise, it was still fun because I got to learn something new. I will never forget my first freediving experience. I saw my first reef shark and parrot fish. It was a good thing that I brought my camera with me. I was able to take photos of the marine life I saw. We also saw several White Tip Reef Sharks. They were an awesome sight and it was just amazing to be in the water with them.

The advanced open water course allowed me to meet more passionate freedivers. There, I also met one of my greatest inspirations and mentors in freediving. Steve was 5 years my senior and he’d been teaching diving enthusiasts for 8 years. I paid attention to his tips and briefings. He taught us a lot of diving techniques, which I am able to share with my fellow freedivers as well.

I was able to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, which was just was mesmerizing as I had imagined. There are, however, large stretches of dead and broken coral. I take every diving adventure as a chance to improve my diving skills and knowledge about the underwater world and the marine life that lives in it. I saw schools of fish and even sharks. Seeing the corals, coral gardens and different species of fish was a beautiful sight that I would never forget.

I’ve been able to make 10 dives during my stay in one of the countries I have visited and I loved every single dive. The depth of each dive site was different, so I really enjoyed it.

I always welcome new challenges and freediving offered me just that. I didn’t want to stop there, so I enrolled in another course. This time, I decided to participate in a rescue course. I didn’t just learn about rescuing and diving. This course also allowed me to meet and share insights with experienced divers. After several weeks of theory sessions, our knowledge was finally put to test one weekend. Although it was stressful, I can say that I’ve enjoyed everything as it helped improve my self-confidence and taught me how to handle various situations calmly and competently.

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