Best Places to Freedive in Europe

Europe is known for its colorful history, magnificent landscapes and old architecture. It has amazing seascapes as well. Here are the best places to freedive in Europe.

Diamond Rocks – Diamond Rocks is located in Kilkee, Ireland. It’s a sheltered bay that’s 40 meters deep, making it perfect for both experienced and intermediate divers.

Anchor Bay – Anchor Bay can be found in Popeye’s Village in Malta. This is a great dive site that is 28 meters deep. It is home to diverse marine life and clear blue waters. A large anchor with big chains can be found in Anchor Bay as well. There is a huge underwater cave where you can see parrot fish, eels and grouper fish. It’s safe to dive here even when the winds are strong.

Secca Della Colombara – Secca Della Colombara is located in Ustica, Italy. The 35-meter deep dive site is home to remarkable underwater rock formations, old ship wrecks and various species of fish such as grouper and barracuda. The current is moderate and the sea is clear, making Secca Della Colombara a great site for all kinds of divers.

Chios Island – If you’re looking for a great dive experience in Greece, you should definitely include Island of Chios in your must-visit list. Chios is home to large and colorful reef formations, underwater caves and rock formations, shipwrecks and vertical walls. It’s one of the best dive sites for beginners as the water is very clear. The temperatures are also moderate. The site is 32 meters deep.

Punta Omo Morto – Punta Omo Morto in Ustica, Italy is a must-visit spot for mixed ability divers who want to see diverse wildlife. You might spot shrimp, large conger eels and different species of fish. Punta Omo Morto is always peaceful thanks to its sheltered location. The maximum depth of the waters is 18 meters.

Medes Islands – Medes Islands is a great place for those who want to experience a relaxing and fun dive. It is located in Spain. Medes Islands is also home to a diverse and untouched marine environment. Since the place is packed with tourists, particularly in the summer, it’s best that you make reservations in advance.

Lofoten Islands – Lofoten Islands in Norway is a must-visit for freedive enthusiasts. You will see large kelp formations, old wrecks, various species of fish and more. If you’re lucky, you might even see and dive with killer whales.

Orkney Islands – Orkney Islands is home to some wrecks like the seven ships used by Germans during WWI. Don’t forget to visit Scapa Flow. The clear waters allow you to see the area’s diverse marine life. The moderate water temperatures are perfect for most divers. If you’re visiting during the cold diving season, it is best that you bring a dry suit or thick wet suit.

Europe is a large continent and there are many freediving spots to pick from. Plan your trip early and you will definitely enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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