My diving is not just about reaching ever deeper depths, it’s about discovery and using what I learn along the way to put something back. My partners are all people with a vision, and are as committed as I am to making a difference through what we can do together.

- The BLUE Project
The BLUE Climate and Oceans Project was set up by Conrad Humphreys, who is a world-class yachtsman, competing in several round the world, and open ocean races. Having seen so much of the ocean, and how humans are destroying it, both directly through rubbish dumping in to the sea, and indirectly through global warming, he is passionate about preserving it. BLUE is his vehicle for engaging the passion of today’s generation for caring for our water environments. Through inspiring sporting ambassadors, such as Sara, his vision is to stimulate interest and change in behaviour from children up. It is a vision that Sara supports wholeheartedly.

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