Coaching and yoga

Discover your Depths is Sara’s unique approach to coaching. Her own progress from beginner to triple World Record holder in just nine months is testimony to her physical and mental control gained through yoga and meditation and her ability to translate these skills to freediving.

Sara coaches experienced freedivers looking to reach the next level in any of the constant weight disciplines (CWT, FIM and CNF). She has had great success with mouthfill coaching, enabling students to overcome their blocks with this tricky technique to drastically increase their depth, often to achieve National Records as a direct result. She also works with athletes to train and prepare for competition of all levels as well as for record attempts. To date, Sara has coached students from around the world to a total of 11 National Records and depths of over 100m!

Ideally her coaching starts long before the student arrives in Dahab – via skype Sara offers online coaching to start with the vital mental preparation needed for effective deep diving, as well as walking students through yoga and meditation, and working on mouthfill technique. She also provides distance coaching programmes for both pool and depth training back home to give the student the best preparation, and ensure they’re in top condition when they arrive.

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