About Sara

Sara is a world-class freediver, with four world records and World Championship Gold and Silver medals to her name. Referred to affectionately by her fellow athletes as ‘Mighty Mouse’, she is also the smallest freediver on the circuit, at just under five foot.

In October 2007 Sara became the first woman to hit the 90m mark in freediving using only the natural propulsion of her monofin. She also scored a hat trick by setting three world records in three days, in fact in under 48 hours, ruling in all deep disciplines. And just ten days later she became World Champion in Constant Weight. Amazingly she had made her first competitive dive only seven months previously.

Sara discovered the sport – and her talent for it – by accident. Having moved to Dahab, Egypt, on the Red Sea in 2005 to teach yoga, one of her students commented that her breathhold capacity and love for swimming might make her ‘quite good’ at it. Her response? Why would anyone want to do that? Thankfully her student continued to pester her until she gave in one year later and took her AIDA ** course with Linda Paganelli of Freedive Dahab. It was love at first duckdive.

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